About Lily Douce

About Lilydouce

Born : March 28
Currently living in : Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Height : 5'9"
Weight : 125 lbs
Bust : 34B
Shoes size : 7-8
Clothings size : 4 or small/medium or 27 for pants
Ethnicity : half French-Canadian, half Uruguay
Language : French and English

My kind of men : I like a nice smelling, masculine and very open minded with some bright eyes and masculine forearms.
My kind of girls : I prefer brunettes, not too young (more MILF than "teen"), self-confident and also very open-minded.
Favourite color : All of them !!
Favourite food : Everything fresh, anything new. I'm not picky at all and from what I know there is nothing I dislike...
Best music : Electro, Rock, Hip-Hop. I'm a huge Ninja Tune fan !
Hobbies : Shopping, cooking, gardening, modeling... and sexy rubbing !

For me Fetish is about every unusual way to get turned on and excited. From sexy rubbing in spandex to public pantyhose games! Sometimes it's just a little hole in my pantyhose that makes me want to rip it off or some naughty "dirty talk" that makes me wanna get spanked ! You'll see that I love to play dirty with girls, they are so soft... And I can be or dominant or submissive depending on my feelings and my confidence in my play partner.

I run this site entirely by myself with some little technical help... That means that I film and edit all videos, that I edit pretty much all photo sets and that I am truly present on the social networks. All the concepts and creative ideas are from me so if you have suggestions or feedback share it with me, you can be sure that I will read every single comments on my blog or on the social networks.

Be aware that I'm certainly not your typical fetish model... I am not Gothic, I love colours and I'm not a big latex fan... And I'm not your typical softporn babe neither! I always need to spice things up in an unconventional way... So come play with me inside...

I am a very friendly and elegant young French-Canadian woman who enjoy life in all its forms. I consider myself a fetishist of the textures... I truly enjoy pantyhose, Spandex and shoes and I love to share my passion with others like minded persons. I have a special attraction for everything tight and shiny that puts my legs, my feet and my ass in value. The sensation of the nylon and the Spandex wrapping my legs and my buttocks as a huge arousing effect on me but I also have huge turn-on with all the soft textures...